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Admin Message:

Hiya guys! I'm a girl, my name is Lucia. If it's hard you can call me Lu or Babs like other people do. I like making new friends, I can tell you everything about me if become a good friend to me, honestly. Babs Gordon is my top favorite DC hero/heroine. I RP Babs in the DCnU but I also RP her in other stuff. For more information about the Barbara's I RP, visit this journal ask-barbara-gordon.deviantart.… . I always try to keep her in character and sorry if sometimes I don't. I'm kind and friendly, and I really don't like troubles from anyways and I try not to get in some. I live in Cairo, Egypt so I'm not sure if I get in perfect time like others ^^; I RP and answer questions, both!

I made this account for a plenty of reasons and one of them is FUN, so please don't be rude and ruin my fun on me.

I like (In no spesific order after OTP)
- DickXBabs (OTP!)
- TedXBabs
- JasonToddXBabs (Don't ask, just don't)
- JasonBardXBabs
- ClarkXBabs (Yeah I just love him XD )

Current Headcannons:
-Babs is poisnoed from a harsh battle with the Joker.
-Barb's legs feel weak sometimes after returning to being Batgirl.
-Barbara is certanly single, though she does have crushes on two men (Dick Grayson and Ted Kord).
-Barbara is twenty six -- Much wiser than her age.
-Barb's birthday is September 23rd.
-I always RP Barbara from DCnU (ask to change time if desired).
-Barbara had been feeling lonely and doing 20 hours patrol a day. Sleeping only four hours if there's no special visit from anyone like Clark.

Adult Faceclaim:

Emma Stone

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Barbara "James" Gordon
United States
First Batgirl and the Oracle of Gotham. Ask me what you wish to be answered.

My name is Barbara Gordon. Most people call me Barb or Babs. I'm the first Batgirl and no wonder Batman is my mentor more or less I guess ... I am what so called “The Commissioner’s daughter” knowingly cause my dad is Commissioner Gordon of Gotham. I faced lots of challenges in my life and one of them is turning from a top Batgirl to a one always sitting on a chair woman Oracle. As Oracle I spent almost three years not moving from my chair but leading both the Bat-Family and my own team, the Birds Of Prey.

Birds Of Prey:-
:iconaskhelenawayne: :iconask-blackcanary: :iconask-dawngranger: :iconaskhankhall:


My Chatrooms:-… = Birds Of Prey Clock tower. Please never enter without my or Huntress’s permission.… = My place. Please NEVER enter without me.… = My room. KNOCK FIRST PEOPLE!


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Real Name:
Barbara “James” Gordon

Current Alias:

Oracle, Amy Beddoes

James Gordon (father); Barbara Eileen (mother); James Gordon, Jr. (brother); Tony Gordon (brother, deceased)

Batman Incorporated, Batman Family, Birds of Prey; formerly JLA; Seven Soldiers of Victory; Suicide Squad

Base Of Operations:
Gotham City, formerly Metropolis, Platinum Flats



Secret Identity


Comics Marital Status:

RP Martial Status:

Adventurer, Detective, former Student, Sidekick, LibrarianEducation High School Graduate

College Graduate


5' 7"

126 lbs (57 kg)

Blue, Green



Earth-One, New Earth

Place of Birth:

Created by:
Gardner Fox, Carmine Infantino

First appearance:
Detective Comics #359
(January, 1967)

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Ask me what you wish to be answered.
||So here I am posting this journal entry as a quick drop. I just happened to think of checking my account to see whatever, before I log out I checked a lot of my old cute messages with a lot of people (not only this account) and I was tearing up and laughing and everything. Through the ups and downs and everything. I still love you all and I miss you all and I hope to get in touch with you again.

People such as Alora and Mitch happens to still talk with me on FB. Thanks a lot guys, you know you make me much happier when I'm down

And of course some people I REALLY wish to get in touch with more than others are the following:
                                    Of course without talking my número dos (number two) family which were the closest people to me in dA. They're brothers, friends, mates, and everything and they're all AMAZING role players as I remember. Of course I'm talking about the SAM FAMILY! 
MUAH! Love you guys! Hope to talk and RP with you again cause you hugs are amazingly fun.

                                    Another person that was really special to me, RPing as both Batmen (Bruce and Terry) and a very special friend that I stayed almost two months talking to no one but him almost LITERALLY 24/7! Of course I'm talking about Robbie (Rob)!
Dude I really miss you and I wish we would have the crazy fun we used to have!

                                    And last but not least, a girl, finally, my age, finally, that was soooooooooo my bestie for a long time in dA; no one but her Skyler of course! Such an amazing cool friend that RPed amazingly. Never got me bored !
I miss you Sky!!!! Wish we would have our chit chats running on again!

And this was mainly it. These are the top three (Sam Family as one) that I really really really really miss and hope to contact them again. 


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"I'll make everyone you love suffer, Gordon. I'll make sure of it. Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and yes...especially..Bruce Wayne." the Arkham Knight said in a spiteful tone.
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"Hey Barbara." *Damian crossed his arms
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((Hey! Long time no see! How's you?))
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(Wasn't Babs the second Batgirl?   I think Betty Kane was first or something.  Correct me if I'm wrong.)
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Thank you for the Fave and or Faves! :+fav: :XD:

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